While vacationing in Los Angeles, we took the Warner Brothers Studio tour. It was very fascinating to learn the inside scoop on how some of our favorite movies and TV shows are made. We even walked through two “Live” sets that were being used for current shows. While on a tram we drove behind an outdoor sound stage and saw a stack of boxes. They were all organized, labeled, and ready for the production crews to set up the MTV Awards Ceremony show.

In this setting the boxes perform several essential functions that support the higher purpose of producing the show. They protect their contents from the outside world, they can be stacked when the items inside otherwise could not be stacked, and they are all labeled so that any piece of equipment can be readily found. These particular boxes even had wheels for easy transportation!

Let’s look at how these different features might give us some insight into our lives:

  • By keeping things in boxes, we protect them. But, if they are always protected, they can’t fulfill their purpose. If we become too attached to things or ideas to the point of not being willing to risk using them, we may miss the pleasure of seeing our “stuff” in action.
  • Labels help us find things easily, but labeling can limit our imagination on what something can do. An object or idea might be useful in surprising ways. By limiting how we view them, we can miss out on pleasant surprises on what things can do.
  • Sticking with normal convention may limit solutions. Storage boxes normally don’t have wheels. But if adding wheels to a box makes it more useful, it’s a perfectly good idea. Indeed, it might be that wheeled boxes become the new normal.
Call to Action: These different ways of thinking are pretty simple. Did they get you to think “outside of the box” in some areas of your life and work?

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